S.T.A.R Program: Seeking Transparency and Reconnection

It is an experience for women who want to:

  • See yourself in the mirror of your identity. Connect with yourself

  • Discover the reasons for your actions. Find answers and

  • Know the map of your emotions

  • Develop new personal resources. Make life changes

  • Achieve a deep understanding of who you are

  • Consciously reinventing yourself at the maximum of your potential

  • Create a new life

  • This Program is design to work on personal projects, developing them to their full potential.

  • What dreams do you want to achieve? Come with an idea and create the best version of your project ...Make it unique and unrepeatable

Each goddess has an area where she is incredibly talented, discover how it is for you, how to work with these personal potentials in relation to your ideas, and make your project the "best possible project".

S.T.A.R Program is especially crafted to HELP you find the REAL YOU!


TiTa Nieves & Claudia Zamora 

STAR Program Level One :  TBD

@ 108 Hay St. 3rd. Floor Fayetteville NC 28301

Cost: $35
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